Program Objectives and Outcomes


    The objectives of Accounting and Audit Program are to educate future global workforce who;
  1. are capable of handling current and future accounting, auditing and finance practices in private and public institutions.
  2. utilize critical-thinking, analytical, and decision making skills to resolve complex accounting and auditing issues.
  3. have an understanding of interdisciplinary perspective to accomodate to global business world.
  4. are capable to collaborate effectively in a global team and have an ability in both verbal and written communication.
  5. are aware of ethical and sociable responsibility issues in the global competitive environment.
    A graduate of this program should:
  1. Comprehend and apply relevant accounting and auditing principles and standards to business activities and workplace situations.
  2. Identify the appropriate managerial and business issues critical to analyzing accounting data and other information used.
  3. Comprehend accounting and auditing methods and their applications in business world.
  4. Apply accounting and auditing methods into global cases.
  5. Identify accounting, auditing, and finance related problems and have a capability to solve these problems.
  6. Participate in auditing work, both internal and external, and take part in preparing audit reports.
  7. Apply financial analysis techniques within a business environment.
  8. Use analytical and research tools to monitor evolving accounting and auditing standards and practices in a changing business environment.
  9. Apply basic principles of business processes and project management techniques.
  10. Communicate and present ideas effectively in verbal and written.
  11. Participate in a team work effectively and increase the dynamics of the team.
  12. Use computer-based technology and related packaged software.
  13. Utilize the skills and techniques of data collection for problem solving and decision making.
  14. Achieve an interdisciplinary point of view.
  15. Have the consciousness of business ethics and social responsibility issues.