Audiometry Program


Hakkında The Purpose of the Program:

The Audiometry Program educates health care professionals, trained at the vocational school level, to assess hearing and detect hearing disorders. Students wanting to enroll in the Audiometry program are reminded that they will be in direct contact with patients on this issue related to human health. Patient relationships carry a special qualification and require a meticulous and patient approach. As audiology is a new and rapidly progressing branch of science, those who chose this profession must possess professional qualificaitons and research ambitions at a very high level.

Quality assurance and accreditation in health care services have rapidly gained importance in recent years, bringing a rise in hospital numbers and necessity for qualified health care teams. As students gain basic knowledge of health care management, in addition to operating room services data, they can be promoted to advanced positions by improving themselves over time. The language of instruction of this program is Turkish.

Education Content:

Students enrolled in the program follow a two-year educational curriculum consisting of theoretical courses and practical applications in order to conduct audiometric tests used for measuring hearing as well as correctly diagnosing hearing disorders.

In addition to basic courses, students also enroll in courses in Preschool Child Development, Study Skills, Psychology, Early Childhood Tool Development and Teaching Techniques, Preschool Child Development, Children's Literature, Childhood Art, Creativity, and Game-Play Materials, Development and Education of Mentally-Physically Handicapped Children, Gifted and Talented Children Education, Children's Mental Health, Education Drama, Psychological Counseling and Guidance, Computer Teaching in Early Childhood Education, Health Sociology, Development and Education of Hospitalized Children, Development and Education of Children with Language Development and Communication Disorders, Diction and Body Language, First Aid, General Communication.

Employment Opportunities:

Program completers will be "Health Services Vocational School Audiometry Program Graduates". Graduates may work under an Audiology or ENT specialist in Audiology clinics at public or private hospitals. They can apply vestibular tests related to balance, work at schools for the hearing impaired and other similar organizations, implement newborn hearing tests at clinic of obstetrics and gynecology, conduct hearing tests at schools, and work at hearing-aid companies.

Open Admission:

Students who graduate from vocational and technical high schools may choose to enroll in an associate degree program as a continuation of the program they have completed, or a similar one, found in their own Professional and Technical Education Regions (PTER). Later, the student may enroll in a vocational school associate programs out of their region on an open admission basis. Open admission placement operations are conducted via the SSPC central system.

Health Officer
Medical Military Officer Preparatory School
Biomedical Equipment Technology
Medical Secretary
Program Title Paid Full Scholarship 50% Scholarship CEE Paid CEE Full Scholarship CEE 50% Scholarship
Audiometry 30 5 15 30 5 15