For Researchers: Web of Science Researcher Profiles

For Researchers: Web of Science Researcher Profiles

Dear Academicians and Researchers,

A webinar is planned that includes the features and usage details of the Researcher Profiles on the Web of Science platform, which includes the world's most important scientific citation indexes.

With Researcher Profiles;
  • Researchers can view, manage, browse their profiles and gain recognition for their publications, peer-reviews and editorial work.
  • More than 30 million authors have been assigned a Researcher ID in Web of Science. Researcher profiles that have verified their profiles have a green tick next to them.
  • It is ensured that researchers receive notification when their work is cited.
You can read the blog post on the subject at this link or visit the guide page.

Web of Science provides access to the scientific citation indexes that YÖK bases on academic promotions. It makes extremely positive contributions to academic life in terms of increasing academic visibility and cooperation.

Webinar: The importance of Web of Science researcher profiles
Date: September 27, 2022 - Tuesday
Time: 11:00
Language of Instruction: Turkish
Training Time: 60 min.

Click to register for the webinar.

Click to do research in Web of Science indexes.

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