Department of Landscape Architecture

Department of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is a branch of the fine arts which plans and designs outdoor space within aesthetic, functional, social, cultural, economic and natural contexts. Landscape Architecture works hand in hand with engineering knowledge.

Landscape Architects produce and apply projects which aim to provide a comfortable life to humans as natural beings and other living creatures in their natural environments. Landscape architecture education combines art, design, engineering and technology. The projects which are composed under these factors are ecologically-based. The main principle is to protect and rehabilitate nature while creating aesthetic, functional and natural linked outdoor spaces.

Creating sustainable and ecologic spaces with high visual quality, based on natural, cultural and social environmental analysis and synthesis constitutes the basic topics of landscape architecture training. Landscape architects play an important role in environmental design and conservation as they place an emphasis on human requirements and natural values while producing plans and applied projects in coordination with other disciplines

Landscape Architecture Department

Courses such as Basic Design, Drawing Techniques, Art History, Landscape Design, Landscape Construction Materials, Landscape Application Techniques, Landscape Projects on Different Scales, Computer-Aided Design, complementary elective courses, cultural courses, and other electives are offered during the eight semesters of the Landscape Architecture Program. Students are instructedin classes, drawing studios, computer labs, and in the field.

Urban and rural landscape studies consist of survey, analysis, project and application stages. Besides national and international research and surveying studies, excursions, internship programs, and graduation projects are important phases of our landscape architecture education.

The features of Landscape Architecture graduates upon the completion of our program are briefly listed below:

  • Being sensitive to the profession,
  • Being able to transfer artistic, humanistic and ecologic approaches to design,
  • having the ability to analyze and synthesize,
  • having aesthetic and technical efficiency in projects and applications,
  • having general knowledge, social qualities and ethical values.

The Titles of Graduates, Their Responsibilities and Their Working Areas

Graduates receive the titles of Landscape Architects. Landscape Architects work on several landscape planning areas, from single house garden designs to more comprehensive landscape projects on different scales. Besides these studies, landscape architects also deal with the protection of natural and cultural structures, ecosystem and source analyses, coordination and management, and research and environmental problems.

Landscape Architects can open private offices, run businesses or work with private companies. Designing and producing constructional landscape units and marketing plant materials are also within the scope of a Landscape Architect's abilities. Landscape Architects can also work in the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Transportation and in municipalities as specialists.

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