ENGL1101 Exemption Test Hk.

ENGL1101 Exemption Test Hk.


TIME: 11—12:05 


The ENGL1101 exam has 50 multiple choice questions and takes 65 minutes to complete. If you pass the exam, you can begin an English 102 class. The questions are based on the English 101 course syllabus. The subjects include: describing charts and graphs, paragraph organisation, paraphrasing, reading and summarizing simple academic articles, discussions in English and academic vocabulary. 

Only students who passed the Prep School 3 February 2021 Proficiency/Exit Exams can take the test. Please prepare for the exam by reading the instructions below before the exam date. 




1. You are enrolled on the Blackboard ENGL1101 Exemption Test course. □ 

If not, contact öğrenci işleri / student services by phone or email.


2. You have downloaded and run Respondus Monitor on your computer. □

If not, go to https://download.respondus.com/lockdown/download.php?id=763129592 and follow the instructions.


3. You have a reliable internet connection, webcam and microphone. □


4. You have a valid ID with you. □


How to take the English 101 Exemption Exam on the Blackboard & Respondus systems: 


1. Be online 15 minutes before the exam opens and make sure you are comfortable. 


2. Launch Respondus. Go to the ENGL1101 Exemption Exam course on Blackboard. Go to the Quiz page.  Click this button: "Launch Lockdown Browser".


5. This will take you to the Respondus browser. You will need to complete the Start-up Steps first. Follow the screens as they come up. A useful guide is provided here: http://www.isikun.edu.tr/i/content/16109_1_Respondus%20instructions%20before%20test.pdf


And the Respondus guide is here:


Click "Start Quiz". Do not attempt to open any other screens or applications on your computer. Remain in front of your screen. 


6. Follow the instructions until you see "Begin Exam" & "Start attempt" 


7. At the end of the exam, click "Finish attempt" >>> "Submit all and finish" and click "Exit Browser". You will come back to the Blackboard Exam Area on Chrome browser.


Possible Problems: 


1. Respondus browser may freeze: Close Respondus and other programs (except Chrome) and try again. 


2. Respondus may warn you for face detection: Show your full face to the camera 


3. Respondus may terminate your exam: DO NOT TRY TO OPEN ANY OTHER PROGRAMS DURING 

THE TEST (INCLUDING CHROME). If your exam is terminated, you should repeat steps 3-7 above to retake your exam and continue from where you left. However, you may get a zero "0" after your exam is examined by the teachers.


 4. In case you have a problem during the exam, write to robert.gray@isikun.edu.tr 


Exam rules


  • You must be alone in the room where you are taking the exam at all times.
  • You must turn any other devices, such as mobile phones, off during the exam.
  • Your face must remain in full view of your webcam at all times.
  • You must not attempt to use electronic or paper-based resources of any kind other than the dictionary permitted during the exam.
  • You must not use earphones or headphones during the exam.
  • You will have access to the Cambridge online dictionary during the exam.


The Respondus videos will be reviewed after the exams are completed, so please ensure you do not violate any of the above conditions. Good luck!


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