Press Conference/ Impressions from Earthquake Zone through Eyes of Science

A press conference was held at the Maslak Campus for the faculty members of the Department of Civil Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Dr. Ali Sercan Kesten, Dr. Önder Umut, and Dr. Bora Akşar, who were appointed as legal experts by the Kahramanmaraş Chief Public Prosecutor's Office and conducted inspections in the earthquake zone to share their observations on the structures in the affected areas. Dr. Ali Sercan Kesten informed that more than 156,000 buildings have been identified as collapsed, urgently to be demolished or heavily damaged in the earthquake-affected provinces. He also added that the number of dwellings in buildings that have collapsed or suffered severe damage is around 507,000, while the number of moderately and partially damaged buildings is around 43,000.

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