Summer School Announcement

Summer School Announcement

Dear Students,

We would like to inform you about the summer school details for those who wish to take summer school courses. The summer school information is as follows:
  • The summer school classes will start on July 5th.
  • The summer school course registration dates are June 30th – July 2nd
  • The course registrations will take place according to your grades, respectively (Seniors-Juniors-Sophomores-Freshmen).
  • You can make your course registrations on your e-campus account on your specified registration day then send it for approval.
  • For the credit limits and course selections, please contact your academic advisor beforehand. 
As for the tuition fees, please contact the finance department in order to learn about your tuition fees.
Their email address:  

Please keep in mind that you need to write your name, surname and student number in the explanation part of the payment, afterwards you need to send your payment receipt to the finance department at the same mentioned email above.

Please let us know if you required further assistance.

Wishing you safe and healthy days,

Kind Regards.

Işık University 
International Office

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