Internship Announcement


Department of Civil Engineering

Internship Announcement

CE290 and CE390


Applications for the winter internship will be accepted between 4-8 January, 2021. Please send your documents by e-mail to


Required documents (

-        Compulsory–voluntary internship form (Zorunlu-gönüllü staj formu),

-        Photocopy of identity card (Kimlik fotokopisi),

-        Statement and undertaking form (Beyan ve taahhütname),

-        Saturday work confirmation (Cumartesi çalışma onayı),

-        Employer information form (İşveren bilgi formu).


·       The internship duration is exactly 20 working days, excluding Sunday and public holidays.

·       The internship must be completed before 21/02/2021.

·       Saturday is regarded as a working day, if the institution/organization actively operates.

·       Dates for the final and make-up examinations cannot be included into the internship period.

·       Documents must be sent one week before starting the internship.



Prof. Dr. Devrim Akca

Dept. of Civil Eng.