Erasmus+ Study Mobility

With Erasmus+ Study Mobility, the Educational and Cultural program of European Union, you can spend up to 12 months of your undergraduate or graduate studies at our partner institutions and receive financial aid. On your return, the courses and the grades you achieve at the partner institution is recorded on your transcript and deducted from your course load.
Firstly, International Office opens an application call to determine the students that will be entitled to receive Erasmus+ grant. This application is made online once a year in February and is binding for the mobilities for the upcoming academic year. To complete the applications, the following supporting documents need to be submitted to the International Office in addition to the online application:

  • Original (signed and stamped by the Student Affairs) and up-to-date transcript of records including the points average of the last Fall semester.
  • Original (signed and stamped by the School of Foreign Languages) Exit exam result document

Students can choose up to 5 institutions from the partner institutions list during their online application. For points to take into consideration in institution selection, please visit: Frequently Asked Questions. Besides institutional selection, students are also asked to select their semester preference. For tips on deciding on your mobility term, you can visit: Frequently Asked Questions.
Selection Criteria

  • Meeting the Cumulative Grade Point Average. Minimum 2,20 / 4,00 for undergraduate and 2,50 / 4,00 for graduate students. (GPA will affect 50% of the total application grade.)
  • Exit Exam result of 70 points and above (Exit exam results are valid for 4 years and the result will affect 75% of the half of the total application grade)


  • Applying to the relative quota of your major study program as announced on the Interinstitutional Agreements list.
  • Having completed the 1st semester of the 1st grade (Many partner institutions require completion of certain amount of credits for applications. Due to this, applying for a mobility at earliest during the second grade to leave during the 3rd grade is highly recommended. To find out more information about which year would be more benefitial for you, please visit: Frequently Asked Questions.


  • Attending the face-to-face interview to be conducted by the related faculty in English. (The result of the interview will affect 25% of the Language Grade, which makes up 50% of your total application grade.)

Placement Procedure
Placement is made in accordance with the application grade ranking of students in their faculty and the partner institution quotas.  Students placed (selected to officially receive Erasmus+ grant) are nominated to their destination institution by the International Office. Partner institutions contact the nominees through an e-mail that contain comprehensive information about the required application documents, application procedure and dates, academic calendar, course offers and accommodation.
Students in the waiting list can be placed in case that the official candidates cancel their mobility.
Students cannot change their institution preferences after placement or apply to any other institution individually even if it is in their selection list.

Applying to the partner institution
The list of required application documents will be shared with students by the partner institution via e-mail or on the web site of the respective institution.
Students are obliged to make sure that their application documents are complete and that they abide by the application procedure and the deadline set by the institution. Some institutions have an online application system, whereas some only demand certain documents through e-mail or require the original documents to be delivered to their office via regular post. Although students are placed according to the selection criteria of our university, applications with missing or false documents to the partner institution may result in a rejection.
Below are some reminders that need to be taken into account regarding the application in general:
•                You can make some preliminary research on the respective web pages (under links such as Erasmus/International Office, Exchange, EU Office) of the partner institution before the institution gets in contact with you.
•                You should pay attention to prepare the requested documents and complete your application before the due date. If you intend to make an additional application for housing in the partner institution, it is highly suggested that you complete your application as early as possible. Some institutions may offer accommodation on a first come, first served basis.
•                If you are asked to document your level of English proficiency, you can ask for a copy of your Exit exam result document from our office. 
•                If you are asked to prepare a Learning Agreement for your application, you should prepare this document together with the Erasmus Departmental Coordinator. For further information on how to prepare the Learning Agreement, please visit: Frequently Asked Questions.
•                In case that your original application documents are expected to be delivered to the partner institution via regular mail, you need to submit your full application package to our office at least 2 weeks before the application deadline.

Acceptance from the partner institution and departure procedure
Partner institutions generally assess all applications after the application deadline announced previously. Please bare in mind that assessment is a busy period for International Offices and try to patient. Do not neglect to check your e-mails regularly, the address of which you provided the counter institution. If you have not received any replies and your Acceptance Letter, although there is less than 2 months to the beginning of the semester, please contact our office. Your letter of acceptance can be directly sent to your address as well as our office. In case that it is delievered to our office, you will be informed immediately.
Applications of students who disregard the deadline, apply with missing documents or whose language proficiency or artistic skills (in applications requiring a portfolio) are found insufficient can be rejected by partner institutions. It is in the responsibility of students to show the ultimate attention to the applications.
Visa / Residence Permit and Departure Documents  
•                When you submit a copy of your Acceptance Letter to our office, we can prepare a Grant Letter for you, which you can use in your visa or residence permit applications. This letter will confirm that you are selected for Erasmus+ mobility, the institution you will be enrolled at and the grant amount you are entitled to according to the country group of your destination. If you need to apply for your visa before the annual grant amount our institution will receive is announced, you can still request a grant letter; however, it should be noted that the letter would not guarantee the exact amount of grant you will receive.   
•                Please make a research on the visa procedure for your destination and the required documents for the visa application. Keeping in mind that the duration of the visa procedure can be long, get your appointment on time and complete your application with the required documents.
•                Do not forget that the tuition fee for Işık University needs to be paid for the duration of your mobility too.
•                The following documents should be submitted to our office at once at least a month before your departure:
*If you are officially entitled to receive Erasmus+ grant, only after you submit all departure documents and complete the first phase of OLS assessment, the operations for the transfer of your grant can be launched. Upon the official letter concerning your grant transfer is written by our office, the transfer can take up to 2 weeks.

Departure procedure and documents

  • Erasmus+ Mobility Grant Agreement
  • A copy of your completely signed Learning Agreement "Before the Mobility" section
  • The original Course Transfer Table fully signed
  • A copy of your Akbank Euro account book
  • A copy of a student health insurance policy valid in the destination country and for the whole duration of your stay
  • A copy of your Letter of Acceptance
  • Işık University tuition fee payment receipt
  • OLS (Online Linguistic Support) first assessment. For further information about OLS, you can visit: Frequently Asked Questions.

Arrival at the partner institution and changing the course list
•                When you arrive at the partner institution, the Arrival section of the Confirmation of Exchange document (Arrival – Departure Form) needs to be filled out, signed and stamped by the responsible person at the university and the scanned copy of it should be sent to our office.
•                After your arrival at the partner institution, you may find out that some of your chosen courses will not be offered, do not fit your schedule, or that you no longer are interested in that subject. In that case, you will need to use the second section of your Learning Agreement document, titled "During the Mobility" and also prepare a new Course Transfer Table according to the new courses to be registered at. For information about how to fill out the During the Mobility section, please click.
Returning Procedure
Students who finish their mobility should submit the following documents to our office for the course transfers:

  • Both Arrival and Departure sections of "Confirmation of Exchange (Stay)" document signed and stamped by the partner institution
  • Official transcript of records for the mobility period
  • Original Course Transfer Table filled out according to the transcript and the Learning Agreement, with the grade conversions and all signatures. 

***Together with the submission of these documents, also the second OLS assessment and the online participant report by the European Commission need to be completed, both of which will be automatically sent to your e-mail address after your return.
Course Transfer and Grade Conversion
Course transfers and grade conversions are made by the faculty students are registered under, predicating upon the tables approved by the senate. Students should visit the Erasmus departmental coordinator with their transcript and Learning Agreement and fill out the Course Transfer Table with the assistance of the coordinator. Course transfer table including the grade conversions and approved by the faculty board is sent to the Student Affairs for grade entries.

  • All courses passed and failed during the mobility are recorded on the transcript of the student at Işık University with their original course code, course title and the equivalent grade. On the transcript, the mobility period and location are clearly defined.

Some partner institutions do not include failed courses in the transcript of the students. In that case, courses failed but still included in the Course Transfer Table and the Learning Agreement are graded with an "F" notation.

Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility