Registrar's Office


  • All information gathered about undergraduate and graduate students can be accessed in Registrar's Office, and the Office is open between 8:30AM–5:00PM.
  • It will be easier for the students to receive timely and appropriate service if they consult the above names to determine who best to contact for a specific topic, except document issues.


  • Each document, including Student Forms, Discipline Forms, Official Transcripts, and other kinds of documents, a student requests is prepared within 24 hours after the student files the request form.
  • Document requests can only be done by the student, by filling in the document request form or sending e-mail using Işık University's e-mail system.
  • For each type of announcement and information flow Campus online, Işık e-mail, Işık University formal webpage ( ) and Registrar's Office Clipboards are used. Postal mail is mailed to home addresses registered in the system, and phone calls are made to the numbers submitted to the system in case of emergency. So it is students' responsibility to submit up-to-date personal information to the Registrar's Office.