Head of Human Resources


FMV Işık University Human Resources Department's mission, vision and basic values in line with the planning, development and continuity of the necessary human resources all processes conduct including contemporary human resources executes using applications.
Our human resources policy is to contribute to their personal, professional and social development by provides open communication opportunities for employees, create an appropriate employee profile based on the specifications of each position oriented selecting suitable appropriate candidates for the job to set up and operates the best selection-placement systems, to plan the highest trainings envisaged to be given which are most suitable both internal and external trainings to be contribution to the employee to carry out improvement activities and continuously improve the system by building robust infrastructure separately for academic and administrative employees by using a fair performance evaluation application, to work for the development of relations based on to provide mutual trust and respect with participatory management approach in a contemporary, Ataturkist and peaceful working environment.
Units affiliated to the Department;

  • Human Resources Department
  • Directorate of Payroll and Personnel Affairs
  • Occupational Health and Safety Unit
  • Internship Coordinator

Appointment Processes of Academic Staff: 444 07 99 | 7087 |
Appointment Processes of Administrative Staff: 444 07 99 | 7082 |
Personal affairs and Payroll: 444 07 99 | 7086 - 7083 |
Occupational Health and Safety Unit: 444 07 99 | 7300 |
Internship Coordinator: 444 07 99 | 7229 |
HR Editorial Department: 444 07 99 | 7084 |