Dormitory Living Rules


Işık University Dormitories are the places where Işık University students live during their student years, spending much more time there than in their own houses. In this period, it is very important to create a friendly and comfortable environment so the students can feel at home in the dormitories. Thus, we emphasize the point that mutual respect is the basic principle to live by. It is clear that in order to provide such an environment, everyone must respect the rights of others and follow certain rules for the happiness of the community. These rules are listed below:

Students staying in dormitories shall follow the rules below:

  1. They shall respect the rights of the student/students with whom they share their rooms.
  2. They cannot make noise inside or around the dormitory and cannot listen to loud music.
  3. They cannot engage in activities that disturb others in the corridors and/or rooms.
  4. They cannot gamble or encourage gambling.
  5. They cannot wear clothes that go beyond moral norms in common areas.
  6. They cannot keep pets in dormitories.
  7. They cannot smoke in corridors, common areas, or rooms.
  8. They cannot keep laundry in public areas and window sills for drying or other purposes.
  9. They cannot throw anything out of their room windows.
  10. They cannot write anything or hang any writing anywhere in the dormitory.
  11. They cannot light fires in or near the dormitory.
  12. They cannot make false fire calls or violate fire safety rules.
  13. They cannot meddle with fire extinguishers or use them for any purpose other than fire prevention.
  14. They cannot cook in rooms under any circumstances.
  15. They cannot enter or allow others to enter places other than those designated by the dormitory management without permission.
  16. Students cannot hold meetings in dormitory buildings.
  17. They cannot make missing, misleading or untrue statements on the dormitory application form.
  18. They cannot use rooms or dormitory buildings for purposes other than those given by dormitory management without permission.
  19. They cannot change the place of any dormitory fixture without the approval of dormitory management.
  20. They cannot take any object in common areas to their rooms.
  21. They cannot have guests in the dormitory rooms.
  22. Students have to stay in the rooms where they are placed by Dormitory Management. Students who wish to change their rooms for various reasons may notify Dormitory Management by e-mail of their request to change their room by the end of the first month of each semester.
  23. In order to prevent fire and similar hazards, students cannot keep or use gas ovens, electric stoves, irons and similar electric or gas-powered appliances or tools in their rooms. They can use only low-voltage appliances such as computers, mini refrigerators, hairdryers and kettles in their rooms.
  24. They can do laundering, drying and ironing in the laundry rooms in the dormitory buildings.
  25. They cannot keep perishable and strong-smelling food in their rooms and are obliged to keep kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and other common areas clean.
  26. Students shall supply their own personal cleaning materials (bath soap, toilet paper, etc.).
  27.  Students must show their identity cards to Işık University officials if asked for any reason. Persons who fail to show their identity cards will be taken off the campus by a security guard.
  28. Students must inform authorized dormitory officials immediately in case of illness or similar emergencies.
  29. Students who are ill cannot have a companion stay with them in the dormitory. In such cases, ill students should go to a health institution or home.
  30. If students leave the dormitory during holiday periods or for any other reason, they must take their personal belongings with them. Personal belonging that are not taken from the room within three days are stored in the warehouse for 10 days. If students do not take their belongings from the warehouse at the end of 10 days, they are deemed to have abandoned their property rights on the relevant belongings. Dormitory Management cannot be held responsible for belongings that are left or forgotten.
  31. Students must pay their dormitory fees on time. Students who do not pay their dormitory fees in the 1st semester will not be given room keys in the 2nd semester and will not be accommodated in the dormitories. Students shall pay the dormitory fee by the determined deadline.
  32. Dormitory rooms and their furniture may be checked by Dormitory Manager or officials assigned by the Manager for reasons such as security, cleaning, maintenance and repair and especially to check whether the rules are being followed.
  33. Students who are “suspended” from the university cannot stay in dormitories during their suspension.