Signal and Image Processing Lab.

Signal and Image Processing Lab of the Department of Electronics Engineering at Işık University supports both research and education activities in various areas of signal, image, video and audio processing and networking. The lab has been set up to provide the necessary infrastructure for software and hardware-based applications of signal processing. The main software platforms used in the lab are MATLAB, Microsoft Visual Studio, SPICE and Code Composer Studio. These software are installed into the computing infrastructure that is composed of 24 PCs. In addition, the lab supports embedded programming applications through the use of 5 state-of-art Texas Instruments DSP development boards. The boards are used for various multimedia applications that require real-time video and audio processing.

Signal and Image Processing Lab carries out research and education in the following topics:

  • Image, video, graphics processing and coding
  • Multimedia processing and networking
  • Simulation and analysis of communication systems
  • Speech recognition and coding
  • Wavelets in signal and image processing
  • Analog and digital filter design
  • Circuit analysis (using SPICE)
  • DSP-based design and implementation of signal processing algorithms.

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