Electrical Circuits Lab.

The laboratory is equipped with instrumentation and experimental setups to support undergraduate and graduate researches. Fundamental circuit components, measurement devices and techniques are investigated. AC/DC circuit design, set up, analysis and measurement based experiments are also realized in this laboratory.

The Experiments & Applications

Introduction to Laboratory Instruments: The familiarization of basic laboratory equipments. The use of an oscilloscope, the measurement of amplitude, frequency and phase consept of AC waveforms.

Two-terminal resistive components: The terminal characteristics of various two-terminal resistive componentsare derived.

Ohm's & Kirchhoff's law , Thevenin's & Norton's Theorems and power in dc circuits: Ohm's & Kirchhoff's law , Thevenin's & Norton's Theorems and superposition principle are verified. Maximum Power transfer is also investigated.

RC ,RL and RLC circuıts: First order and second order circuits are investigated, resonant frequency is analysed.


Oscilloscope (Instek GOS-620) 20 Mhz Bandwidth, Dual Channel 1mV/div X-Y Function

DC Power Supply (DF-1731) Two adjustable Channel (0-30V). Max. Current : 3 A. Current protection

Signal Generator (Instek GFG-8210) Frequency Range: 0.1Hz ~ 10MHz Waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Square, Ramp, TTL and CMOS Output Two-Step (-20dBx2) and Variable attenuator LIN/LOG Sweep Mod

Multimeter (Goldstar DM-332) Number of Digits : 3.5 Digits DC Voltage Range : 400mV - 1000V AC Voltage Range : 400mV - 750V DC Current Range : 4mA - 10A Resistance Range : 400Ω - 40MΩ Capacitance Range : 40nF - 40μF

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