Academic Options

Academic Options

Işık University, which has adopted modern practices, offers several different choices to the students. Summer school, double major program, minor program, permission to take courses offered by other universities, transfer among programs, opportunity to get bachelor's and master's degrees in five years, graduate programs, and study abroad for an academic term are some of the available choices.

AIn establishing academic cooperation agreements with prominent US or European higher education institutions regard is paid to secure good choices for the future education of the students.

Double Major: Students during their undergraduate education can follow two undergraduate academic programs arranged according to the principles adopted by the University. Students successfully completing both programs obtain two separate Diplomas for the double majors that they have pursued.

Minor: Students enrolled to any of the major programs, should they wish, they can take a prescribed number of courses from another major program. Students successfully completing the minor program receive a "Minor Certificate".

Transfer: Transfer to the departments / programs of our University is possible both for students from national or foreign universities whose equivalence has been ratified by the Higher Education Council of Türkiye ( YÖK) and also for students of our University who wish to transfer among faculties and departments or programs.

Taking Courses From Other Universities: Students of our University in special cases and with the permission of the Faculty Executive Council, during their studies can take courses from other universities in Türkiye which use English as the language of instruction.

Summer School: Students who wish to start professional life as early as possible and for this purpose aim to graduate in shorter time, or those who wish to take courses towards their Double Major or Minor program and those who try to make up for failed or missed courses can continue their education during the summer school period.

Socrates/Erasmus program: This is an EU program encouraging European higher education institutions to establish cooperations. This program offers opportunitıes to universities of different countries to develop joint projects, and to realize short term student and / or academic staff exchange. Institutions approved by the European Commission obtain the Erasmus University Declaration and in this way gain the right to actively participate to Erasmus programs.

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