Course List

CE 501 Advanced Mechanics of Materials
CE 502 Advanced Dynamics
CE 503 Mechanical Behavior of Materials
CE 504 Composite Materials
CE 505 Theory of Plasticity and Viscoelasticity
CE 507 Theory of Elasticity
CE 508 Micromechanics
CE 511 Theory of Structural Stability
CE 512 Earthquake Engineering
CE 513 Earthquake-Resistant Design
CE 516 Nonlinear Structural Analysis
CE 517 Advanced Structural Dynamics
CE 521 Mathematical Methods in Engineering
CE 561 Design of Steel and Composite Structures
CE 562 Plastic Analysis
CE 563 Plates and Shells
CE 564 Reinforced Concrete Structures
CE 565 Masonry Structures
CE 500 Graduate Seminar
CE 580 Term Project
CE 590 Master Thesis

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