Why Choose Işık University's Visual Arts Department?


The creation of the basic language of art and the development of creativity is provided in each student's first year in the Department of Visual Arts with two-dimensional and three-dimensional design courses. From the second year on, students choose studio courses in the fields of painting and sculpture according to their interests. These courses are carried out at fully equipped workshops.

The Visual Arts Program is an interdisciplinary program with a wide variety of courses, ranging from developments in traditional art techniques to computer-supported art and design applications. The modern application methods of the program is open to the developments of the contemporary art scene and is supported with courses of art history, art theory, art analysis, interpretation and aesthetic under the tutorship of leading experts in their respective fields.

Furthermore the program offers a wide range of educational opportunities with a variety of well-qualified elective course options in accordance with the interests and abilities of students.

The purpose of the program is to train creative artists who can shape the national and international contemporary art scene. Graduates may also work at institutions of the developing art scene, such as art galleries and museums, in management positions.