• 4 December 2013/Şile, Partial solution to a well-posedness conjecture for nonlinear Schrödinger equations, Türker Özsarı
  • 12 September 2012, On the Completeness and Complete Extensions of Uniformities in Textures, Yrd.Doç.Dr. Filiz Yıldız
  • 9 May 2012, Negative Effect, Addiction and Cognitive Control, Sr. Dinkar Sharma
  • 2 May 2012, İşe Alımda Ölçme ve Değerlendirme Yöntemleri,Müberra Yılmaz Şahin
  • 14 April 2012, Narratives of Migration:Ethnic,Class and Gender Identities of Young Turkish Migrants in the United Kingdom, Dr. Bahar Tanyaş
  • 4 April 2012, Tarlabaşı Community Center in the Context of Migration and Social Policies, Gizem Külekçioğlu
  • 4 April 2012, Some Results on the class of Janowski Starlike Log-Harmonic Mappings of complex order 'b', Dr.Melike Aydoğan
  • 28 March 2012, Dr. Burak Polat
  • 14 March 2012, Biometric Cryptosystems: Authentication, Encryption and Signature for biometric identities, Dr. N.Deniz Sarıer
  • 22 February 2012, Efficient Atirhmetic and Compact Reprasentations in Finite Fields, Dr. Koray Karabina
  • 12 January 2012, Flexibility and Strategic Alignment of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems With Business Strategies: An Empirical Study, Nazım Taşkın
  • 4 January 2012, The Harnack Inequality and Littlewood-Paley Functions for Symmetric Stable Processes, Dr. Deniz Karlı

  • 28 December 2011, Trading Spaces: Early interactions between language and thought, Dr.Tilbe Göksun
  • 21 December 2011, Development of Social Understanding: Theory-of mind, Imaginary Companions and Anthropomorphism, Deniz Tahiroğlu
  • 28 September 2011, Myths and Facts about the Innovation Process:What Makes an Innovation Fail or Succeed?, Dr. Umut Ekmekçi
  • 1 August 2011, Computer Algebra Systems, Real Root Isolation and iPhone / iPad / iPod , Professor Alkiviadis Akritas
  • 27 July 2011, The Relationship between uncertainty, threat, and multicultural experience on rigid thinking, Dr. Müjde Peker Booth
  • 26 July 2011, Space, Cognition and Linguistic Relativity, Dr. Engin Arık
  • 1 June 2011, On Graph Factorizations: Hamilton Cycle Decompositions and the Hamilton-Waterloo Problem, Dr.Sibel Özkan
  • 17 March 2011, The Field of International Development: Anthropological Perspectives, Sarah Fictner
  • 16 March 2011, Education for All- All for Education: Norm Entrepreneurs in Benin's Education Sector, Sarah Fictner
  • 3 March 2011, Database Evaluation Techniques for Decision Procedures, Dr. Gülay Ünel

  • 25 August 2010,Haklar Kavramı ve Toplumların Ahlak Anlayışındaki Yeri / Dr.Nilay Küyel
  • 29 April 2010, Beyond the Language Frontier: Rum Orthodox Anatolians (Karamanlis) and Karamanlidika Printed Material / Dr. Evangelia Balta
  • 14 April 2010, The effects of stress and anxiety on cognitive processing / Dr. Robert William Booth
  • 30 March 2010, Evrim ve Etik / Tuğrul Özkaracalar
  • 11 March 2010, Can a group reach consensus by flipping coins? An agent-based model for discrete opinion dynamics, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 4 March 2010, An Animal Model of Fetishism, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

  • 1 December 2009, Oda Sıcaklığında Atomik Seviyede Manipülasyon, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 23 October 2009, eParticipation: The use of social networking software in national elections campaigning, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 23 October 2009, Information infrastructures and standardization in international trade, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 5 August 2009, Long Wave-Short Wave Interaction Equations, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 25 June 2009, Online Tutoring, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 24 June 2009, Social Psychology in the Global World, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 15 April 2009, Environmental Sciences: In Fact and Fancy, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 12 January 2009, Hopf symmetry and Hochschild cohomology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

  • 13 May 2008, The Status of Science in Classical Islam, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 02 April 2008, Journey to independent readership: an ethnographic analysis of cultural practices in children's book consumption, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 20 February 2008, "Kuantum Sürprizleri: Bileşenlerarası Spin Bağlantıları, Spin Camı Ferromanyetizması ve Süperiletken/Antiferromanyet Safsızlık Ters Etkileri" & "Ratip Berker ve Prensipleri", Faculty of Arts and Sciences

  • 24 May 2007, Biyolojik etkileşim ve dinamiklerin modellenmesinde kendiliğinden oluşan karmaşık ağ yapıları, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 03 May 2007, TÜBİTAK Pardüs Projesi, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 19 April 2007, Non-Uniform Random Variate Generation for Monte Carlo Methods, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 05 April 2007, Graph Theoretical Reality: Chip-firing Game, Gene Regulation and Synchronization, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 30 March 2007, Phase Transition in Polyacrylamide Gels, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 23 March 2007, Film Formation From Polymer Particles, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 8 March 2007, "Günümüzde Türkiye'de Kadın Hakları" ile ilgili Nermin Abadan Unat ile söyleşi , Faculty of Arts and Sciences

  • 26 December 2006, Records/ Information Management and It In An Interdisciplinary Perspective, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 9 November 2006, Curriculum Planning and Educational Objectives
  • 3 October 2006, Computer Simulations of Ion Channels: Recent Progress and Problems, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 12 September 2006, Quantum Chaos in 2D Electron Waveguides
  • 8 September 2006, Spectral theory of operator pencils, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 2 August 2006, Explanation of computational chemistry and example of its application on chemical reactions, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 26 June 2006, How American Academia Learned to Stop Denigrating Technology and Love Computing, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 17 May 2006- Nasuh Mahruki ile Söyleşi, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 9 May 2006- Riemannian Approach to Probability Bound Limits for Probabilistic Primality Testing Algorithms, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 4 May 2006- Haldun Taner'i Anma Toplantısı, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • 31 March 2006- Physics of Ultra-Peripheral Nuclear Collisions, Faculty of Arts and Sciences