Faculty of Arts and Sciences


The Faculty of Arts and Sciences plays a central role in implementing the liberal arts education ideals of Işık University through the depth and diversity of the courses offered by its five departments and the quality of research carried out by its members. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences offers programs leading to Bachelor of Science degrees in Information Technologies, Management Information Systems, Mathematics, Mathematical Engineering, and Physics, and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Humanities and Social Sciences, and Psychology. It also provides a considerable portion of the curricular requirements of the other faculties by conducting the required basic science courses as well as the humanities and social science electives.



Prof. Gülden Güvenç
Prof. Örsan K. Öymen
Prof. Hilmi Demiray

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Phone:0 216 528 71 61
Fax:0 216 712 14 74
Faculty Secretary:Efruz ÖZTOP