Faculty of Architecture and Design


Architecture is both a creative and technical discipline, in which students with a broad social and cultural interest, as well as spatial understanding, can make good use of their talents.

In general, architectural education covers a broad spectrum, ranging from the nuts and bolts of building design to the studies of the way humans experience the space around them. Thus, our educational program encompasses the future of our societies; how cities, buildings will be designed and built, how institutions and regulatory systems should be developed to produce a good living environment; and how to provide good development conditions for daily and business life.

Architecture at IŞIK University is more than architecture in the narrow sense: the field ranges from the technical aspects of building to responsible planning of space in Turkey as a whole. Architecture concerns the form and function of buildings, renovation and designs. Special attention will be given to the history of architecture and urbanism. Our system is also based on several factors including job potential, marketability, and student satisfaction as well as subject matter including sustainable design and generative architecture.