Learning Objectives of IşıkIE


The Industrial Engineering Program of IŞIKIE is more than a classical industrial engineering program. It is focused on Operations Research, which is becoming increasingly important for every sector of the Turkish economy. The core courses of the program are Operations Research courses. During the senior year, students are offered more elective courses, yielding a more flexible situation to satisfy the needs of the scientific and economic situation. To cement the learning process, we have established a computer laboratory with the related software packages at our new campus at Şile. A separate laboratory will also be available related to production systems as well. It is essential that students follow a particular educational path to obtain the necessary qualifications. Learning outcomes have been defined to ensure this:

  • Students will take mathematics, physics and other science courses on whichengineering is based.
  • Applications will be made after teaching the theoretical background so that the knowledge acquired is cemented. To achieve this, students should have homework, problem sessions, quizzes, projects and laboratory applications. Related to this objective, laboratories should be established with the related software. Projects should be assigned as team works so that the students get used to working with other people. Finally, projects should be presented in class so that students acquire both written and oral communication skills.
  • Students will develop written and oral communication skills in a foreign language (English).
  • Computers will be utilized effectively in a professional context, and students will contribute to the development of software, have the ability to work with software developers and guide them to develop software customized for a particular issue.
  • Students will gather statistical data, learn the statistical methods related to them, and understand how to use statistical software packages.
  • Students will determine the problems of the social or economic system that is being worked on, determine the cause and effect relationships, and construct a mathematical model system and obtain the solution.
  • Students will learn the techniques and algorithms utilized in different social or economic systems. (To achieve this outcome, several elective courses have been added to the curriculum.)
  • Students will undertake an authentic graduation project which represents a real problem in either the social or economic sectors. To achieve this, students are required to find a problem with a narrow scope on which they can base their internship. They are then required to present their solution to a jury, thus obtaining further written and oral communication skills.
  • Students will have the ability to work with professional ethics in a group, express opinions, and compromise.
  • Students will be conscious of the social and economic problems of our country and will organize and attend meetings related to these problems. The industrial engineering club will be encouraged on this issue.