• Having the basic capabilities of landscape planning, landscape design and landscape management of rural and urban landscapes towards aesthetic and functional principles,
  • Having the managerial, interactional and perceptional abilities to conduct interdisciplinary studies in planning and design areas,
  • Being able to follow current developments in landscape architecture, as well as producing strategic analyses, syntheses and solutions with feedback towards contemporary design and planning,
  • Analyzing, evaluating and interpreting the natural and cultural data of landscapes,
  • Controlling the interactions and transactions between theory and practice,
  • Understanding how to use both natural and artificial materials,
  • Being qualified about application and having the knowledge on natural and artificial materials,
  • Controlling every stage of management mechanisms from the project to implementation process,
  • Dealing with design and planning in the context of the historical process,
  • Having strong communication skills, including the ability to discuss design and planning processes that have socio-cultural dimensions,
  • Being in continuous professional development as an interrogative and inquiring landscape architect,
  • Analyzing public needs correctly by following constitutional developments and planning and designing in this respect,
  • Having the ability to benefit from technological opportunities by using natural and cultural principles in landscape planning and landscape design by following the technological developments related to landscape architecture,
  • Living up to ethical and professional responsibilities.

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