Staff Mobility

Staff Mobility


2018-2020 Erasmus+ Project Term Staff Mobility application period will be between 21.12.2018 and 21.01.2019. Please apply to International Office after filling the application form (Annex 1). If an acceptance letter is already available, please submit that along with application form.
Selection Criteria and Procedure:
All applications will be evaluated by the Erasmus + Mobility Selection Commission within the framework of Erasmus + Staff Mobility Teaching - Training Criteria (Annex 2) approved by the University Senate.
The Selection Commission members are as follows:
1.         Prof. Dr. Ercan Solak (Member)
2.         Dr. Levent İncedere (Member)
3.         Selin Demir (Member)
4.         Doç.Dr. Özlem Kayhan Pusane (Substitude member)
5.         Selcen Gray (Substitude member) Duration of the Mobility
For the effective use of the Erasmus + budget of our institution and to enable more staff to benefit from the mobility program, a total of maximum 6 days of grant support, 5 days of activity and 1 day travel, will be provided. According to National Agency rules, activity period for the staff mobility must be at least 2 consecutive working days and not more than 2 months excluding travel.
Teaching Mobility
The mobility should consist of at least 8 teaching hours during the stay to be accepted as a valid mobility.
Staff Training Mobility
Staff Training Mobility is a full-time program and grants are given for full-time training days. Therefore, the training program of the Staff Training Mobility Agreement (Mobility for Training) should be specified on a day-by-day basis.
Country Group Host Countries Daily Amount
1. Group United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland,
Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway
2. Group Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Southern Cyprus, Netherlands, Spain,
Italy, Malta, Portugal, Greece
3. Group Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania,
Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia
Travel Support
The travel distance for each participant is calculated by the following, Distance Calculator provided by the European Commission:
Distance in km Grant amount (Euro)
10-99 km €20
100 - 499 km €180
500 - 1999 km €275
2000 - 2999 km €360
3000 - 3999 km €530
4000 - 7999 km €820
8000 km and above €1.500 Contact:
International Office, Şile Campus AMF 407