Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements


International Students from all around the world can apply to become a student at IŞIK University with their High School graduation certificates or internationally recognized exams, such as SAT, ACT, GCA A level, Abitur, Matura, Tawjihi etc..

In order to be able to apply as an international student, you will have to satisfy both citizenship and academic application criteria.

Academic Application Criteria:

International applicants are admitted based on the high school diploma GPA, international and national exam results or university entrance examinations' results, providing that the application requirement is not less than accepted minimum for each application criteria.  The validity period of university entrance examinations is two years as of the date of their administration. High school exit examinations do not have any limitation on the period of validity

See the list of Country Based Accepted Exams/Diploma and Scores


Citizenship Criteria:
The applications from following students will be accepted:

  • Foreign students who are either high school graduates or are studying their last year in high school,
  • Natural born citizens of the Republic of Turkey, those who have abandoned their citizenship upon the approval of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, and those who hold the Official Document for The Use of Rights Granted by The Law No: 5203, which is issued for their children under the full legal age who are registered on the document that certifies the abandonment of Turkish citizenship
  • Students with dual nationality  (Turkish or TRNC) who acquired, not inherited their Turkish/TRNC citizenship (Those with dual nationality, who were natural born citizens of a foreign country but later acquired the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey)
  • Turkish or TRNC citizenships and who started their middle school education abroad before 01/02/2013 and completed last three years of their high school education abroad
  • Turkish or TRNC citizenships and who started their middle school education abroad after 01/02/2013 and completed their entire high school education abroad
  • Citizens of TRNC who have completed their entire high school in TRNC and have GCE A/L result.