Elektrik-Elektronik Mühendisliği Bölümü
Akademik Electrical Circuits Lab.

Electrical Circuits Lab.


The laboratory is equipped with instrumentation and experimental setups to support undergraduate and graduate researches. Fundamental circuit components, measurement devices and techniques are investigated. AC/DC circuit design, set up, analysis and measurement based experiments are also realized in this laboratory.

The Experiments & Applications

Introduction to Laboratory Instruments: The familiarization of basic laboratory equipments. The use of an oscilloscope, the measurement of amplitude, frequency and phase consept of AC waveforms.

Two-terminal resistive components: The terminal characteristics of various two-terminal resistive componentsare derived.

Ohm's & Kirchhoff's law , Thevenin's & Norton's Theorems and power in dc circuits: Ohm's & Kirchhoff's law , Thevenin's & Norton's Theorems and superposition principle are verified. Maximum Power transfer is also investigated.

RC ,RL and RLC circuıts: First order and second order circuits are investigated, resonant frequency is analysed.


Oscilloscope (Instek GOS-620) 20 Mhz Bandwidth, Dual Channel 1mV/div X-Y Function

DC Power Supply (DF-1731) Two adjustable Channel (0-30V). Max. Current : 3 A. Current protection

Signal Generator (Instek GFG-8210) Frequency Range: 0.1Hz ~ 10MHz Waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Square, Ramp, TTL and CMOS Output Two-Step (-20dBx2) and Variable attenuator LIN/LOG Sweep Mod

Multimeter (Goldstar DM-332) Number of Digits : 3.5 Digits DC Voltage Range : 400mV - 1000V AC Voltage Range : 400mV - 750V DC Current Range : 4mA - 10A Resistance Range : 400Ω - 40MΩ Capacitance Range : 40nF - 40μF