Akademik Department of Information Technologies

Department of Information Technologies


General Information

The Department of Information Technologies was established in 1999 in response to the growing demand for a workforce trained in both information technologies and management. It is well-known that information technologies and management are inseparable fields in today's world. Our department now offers two programs that will help our graduates earn the position they deserve in today's competitive work environment.

Information Technologies

The students in this program study the most recent advances in computer and information technologies, with an emphasis on networks, internet and web programming, data management, e-commerce, and software system development. Our students are also well-trained in management, including marketing, accounting, and production management. With expertise in both fields, our students are prepared to meet any expectations from the IT industry, including administrative positions.

Management Information Systems

In this program, concepts of computer science (programming, web design, database management, etc.) and concepts of management (economy, marketing, accounting, finance, etc.) are offered as core courses. Advanced courses, which help our students integrate these two fields, equip them with the management and leadership skills required for any position in the industry, as well as give them an advantage in areas where IT specialization is required.